I am very happy, as my grandma, aunty and cous are coming from over Poland. The only minus is that only our cous will be staying at our house and ma aunt and nan will stay at our other uncle’s apartment. The problem comes, as my parents and uncle had a big fight over few months ago and they don’t want to talk to each other and they just ignore each other. That hurts, because it was one of ma fav uncles and now I can contact him only through facebook. But very recently he was upset with me, coz ma parents wouldn’t let me to visit him. That’s quite harsh, as hey don’t really care about me and what I do, but won’t let go anywhere alone. Gosh it’s like ‘Guys, I am nearly 18! Give me a break!’ So yeah.

Anyway, it’s good that I’l see her. Haven’t seen her since the Christmas. :woohoo: But I feel like I have no real connection to any other of my family.

Nevermind, hope u DA people have a good weekend from tomorrow :tighthug:


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