Today in my art class we had a visitor, an artist, Matthew Thompson.
His aged 23 and just graduated from Leeds University.
Firstly he just introduced himslef and then he talked about himself and his reasons for art.
It turned out that he wanted to do Journalism, but two days before sending form to UCAS, he decided that he don’t want to do it and chose art. :giggle:
In his works, Thompson is using ink, charcoal and acrylics, watercolours and pastels, usually on big scale of paper, but also on small A3 wooden boards or so.

On our lesson we were asked by him to choose one or two photographs of cityscape (as he focuses on those and landscapes) and then by working with paints or charcoal we were suppossed to try and work out this photo on paper.

It was a good lesson, as we not only get to know a modern artist, but also we were able to see how he works and how he creates his pieces of art in first hand. :nod: