IRON MAN 3 in 3D


It’s Wendsday, 1st of May. Finally it feels like Spring. It is unusually hot in the city.

Yeasterday I have nearly finished one of my A2 final pieces for art. Just pulling it up to the best quality that all. Image

It was a fun day yeasterday. Only four people attended history lesson, when we did coursework on the protest movements from 1811-1918. Had a lot of laugh discussing music and making jokes from each others.

Today I had psychology lesson and we have reached the last topic-aggression. It wasn’t bad because on our psychology we always end up laughing and turning every word the other way making each other confused even more. 🙂

After college, me, my sister and our friend-Kate-have gone down to the town’s cinema and watched Iron Man 3. The movie was great. 3D effects were fascinating and veru detailed. The scenes arranged throughoutly and we shared a high number of laugh listening to Pepper’s and Tony’s bickering.  The special effects were mindblowing and both me and my sister decided that we have to watch the movie again. We both love Robert D. Junior.


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