I thought I jump in for a bit.

Last week was the official end of my Art Course. The Final pieces were not to the high status but I am very happy with them.ImageImage

I actually miss talking with people and teachers on art because we had a lot of interesting conversations.


On the other hand I have only two more weeks before my final History exam and I feel nervous. Because it’s worth 60%  of A2 mark I feel that I fail or not get a B which I really want to get for UNI.

There is also a matter of two Psychology exams. 3 weeks till Unit 3 and 4 weeks till Unit4.

And how am I supposed to revise everything if I find it hard to concentrate?! I really don’t know. I’ll probably do some last minute revision and hope that I will pass. Yeah that is something that I would do. Well, nevermind.