Yes, only nine days left till my last exam and I can finally chill out underneath the blue sky and warm sun. Ufff! That was one long week just now.

On Monday I had my History Exam (which by the way I think I mighta screwed) To long hour writing about the Weimer and Kaiser. -.-

The rest of the week was spend on my Psychology revisiona for Exam next Monday. I am nervous a bit, because it’s the real thing and I always fail my psychology work.

Anyway. I got myself a  new manga. ’07 Ghost’ It’s really interesting and full of action. But I was frustrated because I finished the first volume in half an hour and now got to go to the bookstore again. I can’t. I have already used up my money and I know myself well enough to gather that I’ll lost all my savings for books. Hehehehe *blush*.

Sooooo, see ya next time. *wave* 😀