Long time no see.

Soooo, last Wendsday (finally got around to spell it correctly) we had a trip with my Art class to the Manchester Art Gallery. It was absolutely FANTASTIC! 😀

I really enjoyed walking around and searching for the details in those masterpieces. I used some of my time to sit on the benches and just look. Just watch the specific pieces of the artwork, like ”THE CHARIOT RACE” in the Circus Maximus. But I also used the time to observe how others reacted to those beatiful and very meaningfull works.

And because I like to use a camera, here are some photographs.

Image   Image

Image I really enjoy that one. <<<

It is very detailed and defined. Kept to the moment. 🙂

Right, onto the next matter. We were given a homework to illustrate some children’s poems. I need to say, that as of this moment, for now, this was the hardest homework, because it is tiring to find the right part of the poem that someone wants to use in illustration, but also sometimes it is hard to imagine the picture in your head. That took me a whole Saturday to do. I won’t upload the work, because I am getting tired, so I will probably do it next time. But here is Bill the Skull from BBC Sherlock.