Our college is one of the first to experience Tactile too.

This means that we receive a box or two from the art gallery archives that contains a project produced by the artists completed specifically for the idea of Tactile too. The phrase means to touch, experience. It was created for students in colleges and schools to introduce them and present them with different range of art that exists around.

Our college has received boxes with projects from Textile Designer Karen Casper and Embroidery and Textile Designer Chloe Homill.

Those women are of different age and they are focused on different materials and techniques. My art class will be working with their  products for this week. It is marvelous, because it counts as a GOLDEN PRIMARY RESEARCH for our brief in textiles, which means that we will receive higher marks.

Now for the work of Karen Casper.

She was inspired by corals and underwater life.

The two pieces above are the work of Chloe Homill. The bird, king fisher, represents woman slang and freedom.

Photo by Celia Hulme

Enough for today.

Cee yaa!