The Winter Olympics 2014 had held it’s opening ceremony yesterday evening. The event was somewhat entertaining however it sure took long for it to end. Watching how the teams of countries walked into the stadium was a nice view. It seems that this Olympics team’s clothes are sure bright and fashionable. I loved my home country walk in and the team of Japan looked great as well.
Well, we could forget about the fall of one of Austria’s sportsmen, no one of his team looked ready to help him to get up of the ground. Is that team work?

What I enjoyed was the men short solos for the figure skating.

I applauded for Yuzuru Hanyu (19), the representative of Japan. His solo was flawless (for me). I could say that he was right in the zone with his music and movement. What is sometimes expected from a skater who started at the age of four.


He managed to beat Jewgienij Plushchenko from Russia who gained 91.39 points, whereas Hanya was awarded 97.98.

Well done Japan!