Tomorrow is the day. I am not really looking forward to the morning. It’s Wednesday, meaning it’s my college day.

I think the biggest part of my unwillingness to go to college tomorrow takes it’s source in the fact that we start our final pieces for the Textile Project- Extraordinary Ordinariness. I’m happy, yes I am happy that we are finishing the project because it was a pain in the axx. It may be the last time in years that I will sit in front of the sewing machine and create something using it.

 But, the reason I am really happy that it’s college day tomorrow is because I was extremely bored here. If I would have an opportunity to nick someone’s gun I would shoot at the wall from boredom, much like Sherlock Holmes. I hate when I’m bored.

 I had a room for my own use during this half-term, so I guess I shouldn’t complain, however, I didn’t have anyone to annoy or talk to. I mean really talk to. I even organized my wardrobe again!

 Okay, anyway…

I just hope that I won’t fail the project and that we can move on to another one quite soon. I plan on going to the bookstore tomorrow for my usual two weeks purchase of books. Also, I need to remember to look in the charity shops. You never know what you can find there, even some rarities. 

Right…I should get some sleep before tomorrow. Goodnight.

Oh, before I go, here’s something to think about for those who want to be mangakas (authors of manga).

This is the usual schedule of mangaka. Every hour and day in a week. You would to really put your heart, effort and even health to become one. But, to those that are very serious about it. I wish you luck and hope that you have enough commitment and motivation.