Have any of you had a day, when all you want to do is go outside and just walk it off? Maybe talk with someone while you’re at it?

Well, it seems today I had the opportunity to take a walk outside with my older sister.  I like those moments, even if sometimes there are no good conversations. We can talk about random things or something that troubles each other.



I think the main reason for me walking outside, without any specific place to go, just to stroll around, is the fact that those are the moments when I think the best. I let my thoughts roam about and capture an idea or a thought that is important to me and that I can develop into something. Last Friday, while I was traveling home, I got out of the bus few stops before I usually do. And walked. Slowly.

I thought about my day and what I should remember from it. I also thought about how people going by cars don’t see the beautiful sunset that takes place on the horizon. That the cold air bites my cheeks and my breath forms a transparent cloud around me.

Those moments are something wonderful, because we don’t rush anywhere.

That’s why I like walks.