’12 Years a Slave’ directed by Steve McQueen

I chose this movie for two reasons. First: it was my reward for my college work and Two: because it raises controversy and Americans much prefer to show the brutality of the Nazis than their own bad history of slavery.

I was prepared for the violence. Because otherwise it won’t be a realistic portrayal.

But sitting in the middle of the cinema room, with four more people and hearing and seeing how the whip bites into the skin, peeling it off and making the blood splash is far from what I was prepared for. I kept flinching away, cringing and wishing to cover my ears to block the sound of the straps. But I didn’t, because it made me realize what those people had to go through in their lives.

I liked the scenery of the places. The towns and the mansions of Ford and Epps. The cotton fields were wonderful.

Hans Zimmer’s music flows and adapts wonderfully throughout the movie. I applaud Chiwetel Ejiofor for his amazing ability to portray the emotions that I saw on the screen.

There are three scenes in the movie that I will remember the most. When Solomon and Elise were being sold to Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch),

 when Epps, played by Fassbender, tripped over the fence and when Epps’s ‘property’, as he called them, were singing by the graves.

Truly an amazing movie.