和菓子  Wa-gashi is a traditional Japanese Confectionery which is often served with tea, especially the types made of mochi – a rice cake made of glutinous rice, anko – azuki bean paste, and fruits.

I love wagashi, because it’s sweet and still healthy and besides it is stylized to look entertaining which makes eating it a journey through the human senses.

I found this recipe online and I thought that I should share it.

Kinako Candy 

  Kinako Candy

Ingredients(20 pieces)

50 g
White castor sugar or superfine sugar (or baker’s sugar)
50 g
1 tablespoon
1/2 tablespoon
Additional kinako? (to coat the candies)
to taste
Get the ingredients ready. You only need a few!
Put the sugar, water and honey in a pan and heat until bubbly. (It won’t take 5 minutes.)
Add the kinako, turn off the heat and mix. It will come together like miso.
Spread out a 30cm x 30cm sheet of kitchen parchment paper, and put the mixture from step 3 on it.
When it’s cooled down a bit, form it into a log using the parchment paper. Cut the log into 20 pieces.
Coat with kinako and they’re done!
This and many more wagashi recipes can be found here- https://en.cookpad.com/recipe/1471133
And the original recipe for Kinako here- http://cookpad.com/recipe/1471133
Have a nice day! 😀