Because we have broken out for the half-term a day earlier, I decided that I will go to the Manchester Art Gallery.

Walking into the building, my feet took me to the screening room where a video about  Ancoates Museum and it’s founder Thomas C. Horsefall. The next video was about persuading people to look from a different distance at normal objects. To zoom into them and discover it from the start. Here’s Horsefall’s portrait by Frederick Beaumot.


When I walked out after watching those two videos I observed painting of nature that were exhibited in the gallery. There was one watercolour and pencil work that caught my interest. It was a Yellow Tit by J.C Thompson.Image


I also stopped for a while at the John Ruskin’s watercolour work of ‘Facade of The Doge’s Palace, Venice- Head of Adam’ from about 1845. The limited use of colour makes the pencil drawings stand out more.

ImageThe visit started off as a casual stroll to look at the new exhibition. However, it ended as an opportunity to do some observational drawings as a part of my homework for the half-term.

Study of  ‘Othello the Moor of Venice’ by James Northcote Image

Study of ‘A Girl’s Head’ by George Clausen Image