I already posted about my visit to the gallery, however, last Tuesday our college campus has gone for a trip.

Let me tell you about it.

When my dad dropped me at college, all was quiet. There was hardly anyone in the building except some of the security workers.
But when it was around half past eight, the college turned into a bee hive.
Close to twenty coaches lined up on both sides of the road in front of the main entrance to the college, waiting for hundreds of teenagers to pile into them.
My art class was assigned to coach no. 19. So, after a battle of finding each other in the masses of enthusiastic students we reached our coach and boarded it.
It was quite nice, it had a toilet, so we knew that in a trouble we can go there. Though I admit that I felt that it’s stuffed. And adding to it that I have a locomotive problems, I was a bit scared.
Okay. At 8:10 or 8:15 am (no one bothered to check the time), when the coach was nearly full (remember, just art students) we set off on the main roads.
My class took the four rows at the back and lounged on them. Most of us talked about the trip or just laughed from something that our friend said or did.
I remember that when we left the city well behind us, I shouted at the sight of horses and sheep. I mean…HELLO!… we don’t get to see horses and sheep in the center of a city a lot. And because I am foreign, I don’t have the best grip on the grammar of the words. As one of my colleagues pointed out, when I said a HORSE it sounded like WHORES. Feeling a bit embarrassed I calmed down for a while, until the moment when we were talking about a movie and I mentioned Steven Frayne, a British illusionist, whose stage name is DYNAMO. Of course when I said that it turned out I said it wrongly and got corrected again.
Almost two hours later, since we pulled out from college, we noticed signs with the name of our destinations.
We got excited and were looking out the windows for our stop. Along the way, when passing through the town of our close stay we were driving down a steep and I DO mean STEEP hill with turns to left and right, our friend and I got a bit scared. She, because she didn’t want to die and I because I didn’t want to barf.
Fifteen minutes later, we FINALLY REACHED our destination.
After some instructions from our tutors we got out of the coach and set to the entrance. When we got through we decided that we must got to…the toilet (no offense, but I myself didn’t want to use the toilet in the coach).
We’ve gotten a map and a group photo and walked further towards fun.
Our first attraction was THE SMILER.
I admit that I didn’t go on that one. Actually, I have boarded only three attractions, counting the SKYRIDE that gave me an opportunity to snap some photos. Now, some of you may be like…’Why the hell didn’t you go on any rides?’ or ‘Are you mad?! It’s so much fun!’
The reason for this, are my locomotive issues. My stomach gets upset, I get upset and people end up with vomit all over them. I did take my pills, but it didn’t took another of my reasons away. I was simply scared. I am scared of heights and I watched enough catastrophe videos and movies that happen in resorts like Alton Towers to get onto those big rides.
But it didn’t take the fun away. There was plenty of other attractions.
I really enjoyed the walk, although very short, to THE TOWERS.
The ride ‘Hex’, which is located in the mansions’ old armoury and picture gallery is one of the most active areas of the towers.
Unfortunately, girls didn’t want to go there so I had to stay satisfied with a quick sightseeing of the ruins. Therefore, I saw the kitchens, the banquet hall, the corridors, which had a number of niches in the brick walls and the rooftop, from which I had an amazing view onto the other attractions. I confer that I did get a bit lost in the maze of the corridors and had to call for the others and find them by following their voices.
Image      Image
When we reached the other part of our groups, as we split next to THE SMILER, so we could enjoy the park without waiting for the others, it was next to a ride called RITA. Some of use stayed to go on the ride and the rest boarded the SKYRIDE.
Our group reached the next part of the resort and many of us (except me 😀 ) took a chance to ride NEMESIS and then the AIR.
And I have been persuaded to get onto one of the smaller and yet maybe even scarier attraction. THE BLADE.
THE BLADE swings from front to back, VERY high. It caused my legs to move up from the floor, making me feel like I am going to fall of the sit. I screamed for going back home. I WAS scared. It’s not everyday, that you find yourself in a seat, some 20 feet off the ground, feeling like you are falling. But it did make me have an adrenaline rush.
After this we set off for the gambling. The machines were you could win a soft toy or even a PS 4 were located in various places, calling for you to spend 30p or a pound on few tries. I lost some money on those, hoping to win a new toy. No idea why. I guess it just looked exciting. Our friend, Steph, wanted a minion ( Despicable Me- those yellow guys). She did win two small ones in the end.
If you ask me what I liked the most, I would say THE FLUME.
There were two of us in one boat, the seats were damp and my friend had a wet backside before we even started the ride. It was small in some moments and the others were fast. Although I feared that the boat is not strong enough or that the track is leaking, there are holes, we can fall 30 feet down, I was scared of the dark tunnel, where you get a cold shower and a scary duck sits in the full basin.
But in the end it was a great day, in a place, where we could have relaxed, fight our fears and simply enjoy ourselves.
So, if you want a day, full of fun, great food (though the prices are really high) and adrenaline…ALTON TOWERS is for you.