Gallery of Costume


Today I decided to go to The Gallery of Costume to finish part of my art research for homework. Well, it took me ten minutes, I spent the rest of it just looking around for different interesting costumes.

Firstly, let me explain. The Gallery of Costume holds examples of clothes (costumes) and accessories from 1600’s to present day. Ground floor holds more recent fashion costumes while the first floor is a home for the 1600’s to 1900’s costumes. It’s a real shame that the Plat Hall, where the Gallery is situated is so vastly spaced and the costumes fill only the first floor and a little bit over half of the ground floor. I wish that it was bigger.

Image Image

My task was to find examples of costumes from 1990s and 1890s. Unfortunately for those decades there were only some women’s costumes. When my notes were completed and the photos were done, I did some quick sketches and moved to the other side of the ground floor, were a small show of Ossie Clark’s costumes was placed.

Ossie was a fashion designer working in London in 1960’s and 1970’s.

He was an expert of experimenting, including cutting and draping of lightweight fabrics that he then used along with stylized floral and geometric prints.

Celia Britwell, Ossie’s wife collaborated with him by providing her own prints that Ossie the used on his designed costumes.


His imaginative and innovative designs have gathered press journalists and celebrities that crammed into his revolutionary fashion shows.



After I looked over Clark’s dresses and suits I have gone up to the first floor to look over the 1700s and 1890s clothes, the latter I will use for my homework.

I didn’t find a lot but I quite liked the overall interior of the hall and the rooms.




Here (bottom) are the original plans of the Plat Hall where the Gallery is.



Right, see ya next time. 😀


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