Aa, here I am again. I am really sorry that I didn’t write anything in the last few days, but being a college student at the end of the term is a pain.

I spent the last four days researching the artists for my end of year essay. Over 2500 words and I struggled with thinking of two paragraphs. English was never my best subject and stumbling on the words became a norm in my life.

This may be selfish but I just wanted to share my entry for the Manga Competition that Waterstones in Manchester Arndale shopping centre has made.

It is one of my favourite characters from Naruto manga series. Momochi Zabuza, The Demon from the Mist, a missing nin shinobi. Basically an assassin.


 On the other hand, our volleyball instructor has managed to set up a practice match with another college that we will be playing in two weeks time. This will be so much fun and sweat. 🙂

So here it is, rather short and pointless post but at least it’s something.