Since it has been a while I have decided to write about a Degree Show that I visited a week ago.

I asked my dad to come with me and he agreed, so I didn’t feel alone in the massive buildings of the Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Degree Show is an annually opportunity for the final year student to exhibit their works. It includes many different departments, like: Interactive Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion, Illustration, Animation, Fine Arts, Photography and others. As the MMU itself says ‘It is the perfect opportunity to see the next generation of artists and designers’.

This year show at MMU was titled Alwaysallwaysland.

The Show took place in the Benzie, Grosvenor and Chatham Buildings on the Manchester Metropolitan University’s All Saints Campus, which is near the centre of Manchester.

The first place we walked into was the part exhibiting The Interactive Arts, unfortunately only one piece interested me enough to walk up to it and observe it (below), by Ilias Mavrovas.

degree show 002


degree show 029


















I think it is because it really stood out and caught my attention. However I agree with my dad that it would be even more interesting if the work would held a face in the middle of it, instead of the patterns.

The my dad decided to move further, to the Link Gallery, connecting Grosvenor and Chatham buildings. There were the works by Photography students.

For example those below, by Katie Miller. I like the first one and my dad the one lower. We both agreed that Miller used great sense of perspective to achieve those pieces.

degree show 013




degree show 015

Another photograph that caught my attention was a work by Saffron Adam. I love the colours.

degree show 016

The final photograph that we found interesting, was a black and white landscape by Justin Juodiskis.

degree show 018


After walking around the room for some time, trying to decipher the meaning of the works we walked upstairs to the Fine Art exhibition.

Here are three canvas paintings that I put together as a collage, by Lucy Physick. ‘The Unnatural Natural’

PicMonkey Collage


My dad really liked those, concluding that those would sell very well.

I like a portraiture work by Danni Highman. She paints people she know and loves exploring her relationship with them.


degree show 007

degree show 008



Here is an example of another students work, this time describing a relation between animals and humans.


degree show 004

degree show 025


My dad and I didn’t visit the third building deciding that we had enough and feeling a bit disappointed that that was it. From so many exhibited we appreciated such a  small number. Maybe we just prefer the traditional art.

And here you’d think that I’ll finish.        Well, you are not so lucky.

I visited the Degree Show just this Thursday along with my art class, hah, take that!

I had a chance to the Illustration works. I didn’t really have a chance to get names of all of the students and I don’t have my notes, so you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to get them, but here…some photos. If  you are able to see the names that sometimes are there,  I am not the best photographers.

Here are some of the same artist, whose name I couldn’t find.

degree show 053

degree show 052


degree show 039

Those below have also been cut into I think.

degree show 040


These two are Illustrations by Dan Garrity (below).


degree show 041

degree show 042


So that’s it.

degree show 031