Yeah, it’s summer. I have no idea how did it happen so fast. Just last week (read two weeks ago) we had our final year show for the second years. Ofcourse our class got to show some of our works, after all we did something worth showing off.

25th june 008


So while people were pouring into the theater to watch the Fashion Show, which was very impressive by the way, others could take their time wondering around the college and view the work of students from the departments of Media, Photography, Art and Design,Film and Music. (I still hear drums in my ears).

When the Fashion Show ended I thought ‘Why not, I ought to see others work’, and off I walked pass the DJ stand that blasted music at least twenty decibels too high and to the second theater.


25th june 01525th june 014



25th june 012



Let’s not forget about the foyer, that’s where most of the people began to show. It was also the place where our class had their stand.

25th june 003

25th june 004

I don’t think the photos are of the best quality but I only have my phone to do photographs so no complaints. 😀

25th june 001

The three photos above are those of my class works. It was a project on Textiles and Embroidery. Very tedious, I do not want to see a needle for another few months.


25th june 002

Well that’s it about our show.


Few days ago I finally got to know my grades and guess WHAT?! I FAILED!!!

Okay, lame joke. No need for hitting.

I passed with a lot f distinctions and one pass. So very good. 🙂

ANYWAY, it’s summer, so I guess I will get bored a lot. I already read four books this past two weeks and need to go to the library. Hmmm, should draw a bit, that could take my mind off of things. Wish to play on my keyboard, but the batteries are dead and I need to buy new ones. I have a taste for a violin music lately. Sad, violin music.

An example of the music I listen lately-

Right, have a nice summer guys!


Cee ya!