I think the title says it all

Anyway, I was waiting for this weekend since January when I bought myself a Weekend Priority Ticket. I got up at 7am and gathered myself to reach the Manchester Central Convention Complex on 9am, so I could go straight to the queue.


Althought the rain was pouring on the people without mercy, none of us complained. There was the noise of conversations around, shouting to each other, exclaiming whose cosplay is that one and whose is the other. You could feel the excitement in the queue.

Aśki 017


(Can you see Kakashi Hatake? :D)

Finally, after ten minutes I managed to get my wristband and get in.

Aśki 015

Thousands of people in one building, reaching over each other to look at the stalls, taking photographs of cosplayers who were wandering around with their friends.

Pirates of the Caribbean- Jack Sparrow

Aśki 014


Dragon Ball Z- Gogeta


Aśki 004

I swear I even saw a Lego cosplayer!

Aśki 003

But I think my favourite ones were Doctor Who and the one where I had a chance of getting my own photo.

Aśki 006

And me in a newly bought BBC Sherlock shirt.   🙂

Aśki 011

And don’t forget to join the Corps with their salut

Aśki 009

But that isn’t all, between watching robofights,

Aśki 013

looking through food stalls (I only got one daifuku!),

Aśki 016

(to be honest it was too sweet and sticky)

I managed to notice a Minion’s dress,

Aśki 002

and 221b Baker Street dress that unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of, but I talked with a woman who did the dress! Apparently she used a curtain material with the same pattern that on 221b wallpaper and then cut through it to the yellow material underneath to create a smile face, just like the one that Sherlock shoot up on the wall.

Tokyo Toys UK had an amazing collection of figures, wallets, bags and cosplay costumes.

But what I appreciated the most was the Comic Village, beautiful and very creative works by over forty artists. I loved the funny comic by James Lawrence titled ‘Dangerine’ and illustrations by Naniiebim, got myself a print of her BBC Sherlock illustration.

Aśki 020

On the opposite side of the Convention Complex you could sit on the benches and watch trailers. I enjoyed trailers for Step Up 5 and Dracula Untold, both coming soon to cinemas, can’t wait for the Dracula, looks pretty exciting. 😀

There were places where you could duel each other, I have honestly no idea how those card games work but I watched a bit of a demonstration for the Yu-Gi-Oh! masters. There was quite a long line for the Runescape and Transformers Universe.

Aśki 007

There was a quite a big space reserved for CEX, they had an orange shark above the center of the space.

Manga Entertainment had a few interesting items on their stands, they even gave some stuff free and at low prices.

I think my only regret is that I didn’t wait to go and see Warwick Davis, but hey maybe next time?

I enjoyed just looking around, first time at an Expo like that, I thought those masses of people will swallow me whole or suffocate me. I didn’t want to spend too much money, what probably led to me not buying a photo of Andrew Scott with his autograph, same with the photo of Martin Freeman. But they were expensive, size of A5 and Scott’s costed 25 pounds, Freeman’s costed 40 pounds. O.o I get it that they are actors(greatly talented might I add), but sometimes the price is just too high. I satisfied myself with postcards, shirts and few mangas.

Aśki 021

In overall, I admit that I expected something slightly different, but it was a good experience and I will definitely go next year, but I’ll save up much more money.

Aśki 019

I mentioned at the beginning that I bought myself a weekend priority ticket, meaning earlier entrance for the both days of the Comic Con. You might ask what happened with this ticket. Well I decided that four hours in a building like that with hundreds of stalls that you can walk around over 15 times in that time is enough for me. I got what I wanted, even more and when I walked outside I asked a random girl if she wanted the ticket so she can get in tomorrow, no point in it getting wasted if she can use it. I even got a hug for that. 🙂

See ya! :wave: