Hiya guys! 🙂 Did you miss me?

Today it will be about art.

Recently I have visited Stockport Art Gallery.

A Watercolour Landscape Artist, Geoff Butterworth (1952-) holds his exhibition there till 5th August.



Butterworth started to paint in the late 70’s after a serious motorcycle accident that ended his engineering career and nearly cost his a leg.  Painting became a career when he discovered the hard to master watercolours.


''Canada Geese...'' 2013
”Canada Geese…” 2013


He becamea full time artist in 1980 and exhibited in several galleries around Lancashire.Through the 80’s Geoff Butterworth moved around the country promoting his work and finding new outlets, but also it was a time when he started competing in society events.


''Christmas with the Dog...'' 2013
”Christmas with the Dog…” 2013


Butterworth won top honours at Ilkley in the British watercolour society on three occasions in 1987 and 1988 and then won a major prize in the Laing competition at the Mall Gallery. He have shown and sold work in the Not the Turner Prize and the Singer and Friedlander Competitions, won top honours at the Birmingham Watercolour society Centenary show at St Pauls Gallery in Birmingham in 2009 and in 2010 and staged my 30th anniversary show at Towneley Hall Burnley.

''High Summer...'' 2011
”High Summer…” 2011

His studio is located in Whitworth, Lancashire. Many of his works have been and his prints, that exceeded 500 copies, sold out.

''Distant Sun...'' 2014
”Distant Sun…” 2014



I was interested in seeing those watercolours up close, as I very well know how demanding this medium is to work with.


''Garden...'' 2011
”Garden…” 2011


His painting seem ”photo-realistic”, the composition of each work is well thought and Butterworth has a beautiful way of letting the light in in his watercolours.


    ''Winter Trees...'' 2013
”Winter Trees…” 2013
''Cathedral Close...'' 2014
”Cathedral Close…” 2014


It is almost like being there, in that place, feeling that breeze or the sun on your face. His works are captivating.

This one (below) is my favourite work of his…

It’s amazing how his paintings turn out, because you realize that if you would be there, standing where Butterworth stood, you would miss some of the beauty of that view.


''View from St. Georges Island...'' 2010
”View from St. Georges Island…” 2010


Also you might notice on the previous posts the lack of photos, well I must say that it is my fault. While I was arranging the media library I wanted to delete one of the photos for the background, however my laptop turned off and rebooted itself. When I got back on wordpress there was nothing in the media library, so I have to find and upload all the photos again.

That’s it for today.


''St. Pauls'' London
”St. Pauls” London