Yes, that is right. We’re back to September. Meaning a whole new college year. Sadly it will be my last year of college. Then off I go on to a university (if any accepts me).

Tomorrow is the third of September. First day back after summer. New tutor, different room. Changes that are custom to being a second year. It will be much harder. The work will be tougher, more homework. I’ll have to put much more effort and heart into my art than I did last year, because now it won’t be about proving that I can manage with the level. No. It  will be a fight for a place and university, but also a challenge to prove that my art is meaningful.

That it is my life.

 Everything is prepared. My backpack is packed. Pencil case washed to get dirty again. My new ID sorted and waiting to be placed around my neck. My sketchbook is waiting for me. To fill it to the brim with new ideas, designs and thoughts.

 This year, I have also given myself two additional subjects. As you know I am trying to learn Japanese. I found a perfect website to learn new courses. Upon completion of the course you get a certificate. 🙂 Nice, right? Besides it’s all free.  – You can choose from over 200 subjects. I have decided on French, since I studied it for few years before to get the knowledge back into me.

 Okay, so on the other hand, this is the last post before school year. Kinda depressing. Summer’s over. Back to college we go. Therefore, I have gotten myself a present (Without any reason actually). It’s a book. Surprisingly, yes? Here it is.

 I loved The Raven, besides I was wondering about the other works of Poe and thought ”Why not?”. It is proving highly captivating.

 The second present I have bought was a new duvet cover.

photos 001

It is slightly scratchy, but also comfy. I needed some change for the upcoming year and this seems like a good thing.

 Now there is one, last thing I wanted to mention. Books! You can never get enough of them. Yesterday, while cleaning under my bed (believe me when I say you should never get under your bed, straight after having breakfast) I found old bags from Waterstones, there was six of seven of them, but what caught my interest, were the quotes on them. I never looked at the bags themselves, because why should I? It’s what is inside the bag that I wanted to get.

Books give me life
Books give me life.


It seemed to cheer me up. I ended up spending few hours reading, curled up on my bed.

Well, that’s it. Nothing more to a…WAIT! There was something. My mom is doing a makeover of the anteroom (hall). Instead of plain, white wallpaper it is now covered in wallpaper of bricks. It actually looks quite nice. My sister is also a bit excited. Since we will be having our room changed as well. Our mom want to get a different, more plain wallpaper for our room. Plus to change the colours.

 Okay, yes. That is all for today I quess. I’ll just give you something to listen to and off I go.

It is actually a mix of 3 parts from 4 of a love story called ”The Flat of Angles” by Simon Cleary. It is read by Benedict Cumberbatch. I liked parts 1 and 3, but the mix have some different kind of sense to it.The original is told from two point of view, while the mix seems to be told by one person.

You can hear all parts on YouTube.