Ekhem! Um…yes…

Right now it is 6:15 pm here.

I haven’t slept too good for the past three days and I have gotten ill.

BUT, I have some exciting news to share with you guys…well at least exciting for me.

On Friday, we were tasked with research of at least four artists, both contemporary and past.

Me being me looked at seven, even though I knew it will be hard to search out all of them in a short span of time, so imagine my suprise when our tutor says ‘Oh, yes. We finish at quarter past twelve today.’

Do you know how we took it in? Bradley said that he could have just stayed at home. I was a bit miffed, but since the teachers of all departments and campuses have a meeting then we can enjoy few more free hours.

So I spent this whole weekend, since Friday afternoon, researching my chosen artists and filling my sketchbook with their work.

What I didn’t anticipate was that it will take me so much time. I only just finished my last sentence and packed myself for college. I am so proud of myself. Over fourteen pages that at least look somewhat interesting.

Research on Alberto Giacometti
Research on Alberto Giacometti
Research on John Latham
Research on John Latham












On the other hand, I went to Stockport Art Gallery on Saturday, since I wanted to go there since the first of September.


Morning Exercise by Mavis Roper
Morning Exercise by Mavis Roper


Some of the photographs were notable but the next room, sort of just amazed me…I was speechless.  The works were constructed from discarded objects, books, spoons, anything that the artists could find.

18th Spet People's History Museum 017

I loved that one, because of the honey and bees. 🙂


Let’s not forget about the paintings.

18th Spet People's History Museum 015

18th Spet People's History Museum 016

But the big part of my decision to go there was an exhibition of works by Elena Leonova, a Cheshire-based artist, who came from Russia.


Euphoria by Elena Leonova
Euphoria by Elena Leonova
Elena Leonova
Elena Leonova
18th Spet People's History Museum 050
Elena Leonova















Her works are full of emotion and texture. In addition to her paintings she produces also chairs and cushions. She takes care of the process herself, the final outcome, especially the scalpel cuttings are amazing.

18th Spet People's History Museum 033


It’s impressing that she does it all herself. Her works are truly inspiring.

When I stepped out Art Gallery there was a man sitting on the stone stairs.

Master at work
Master at work

You never know what you’ll see if you don’t take a look around.


Guess that’s it. Short and without much sense. Next time I’ll try to write about a trip to Liverpool that I took last Tuesday.

My escape


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