As promised.

Yesterday I have visited Liverpool John Moores University for an Open Day, therefore I will also write about the last trip to Liverpool, which was, hmm…let me think…on the 16th of September. O.o Wow, that was a long time ago.

The point of my trip was the task assigned by our tutor, we had to, individually, visit the ‘Dazzle Ship’ which were exhibited in the docks close to the Liverpool History Museum.

Another point, why I have gone, was to visit the Bluecoat Gallery, that hosted Liverpool Biennial 2014: JAMES MCNEILL WHISTLER exhibition, that ends on the 26th October. His works are of mainly etchings and watercolours, however this mocking painting (below) is one of the oil paintings that are presented to the public.

‘The Gold Scab’ 1879 James McNeill Whistler

Although, his works were interesting there was not much else to see, therefore I made myself out and checking with my map (thank you Uncle Google) for a fastest way to the docks, mainly Albert docks , where the Tate Liverpool is, but also the ‘Dazzle Ship’ close by.

Getting there was easy, Liverpool sure is a big city, but it’s not that hard to find your way in it.

Dazzle Ship

The ‘dazzle ship’ was a camouflage method used on ships in the Great War (WW1).  It was created by Norman Wilkinson.

The ships were painted in bold colours, in a variety of shapes. They were meant to confuse the enemy soldiers, like Germans, as it proved difficult to pin point the speed of the ship and in which direction did they go.

I spent the next few minutes drawing and recording the colours used and the shape of the ship in my sketchbook, before I decided to head of to the Tate.

The Tate Liverpool had an exhibition linked with the Liverpool Biennial 2014, A Needle Walks into a Haystack and another one just in Tate Liverpool, Mondrian and his Studio (which I’ll admit didn’t see, since the ticket for it was 10 pounds).

Most of the works exhibited were products of Contemporary Artists and I have to say that I don’t fully understand contemporary art and it’s meaning, some of the works were so weird to me that I just passed on them and moved on to the second and third floor that consisted of paintings and sculptures.

During my walk through the Tate I observed that many of the visitors were leaving the contemporary art exhibitions rather fast. It makes me a bit better about the fact that I am not the only one not enjoying this aspect of art.

So that’s it for the trip to the ‘Dazzle Ship’ and the galleries.

And on Saturday…

The visit for the Open Day in Liverpool John Moores University.

I got up at 5am to take the 7:22 train. I had to walk from home to the train station in the storm rain, which took me close to an hour, but I managed to get on the train and there I go.

The John Lennon Art and Design building is massive.

John Lennon Art and Design Building

Because I arrived early I had the time to talk with one of the students of Fine Arts, Cate, about the course and how it is constructed. The workshops are available for all the students after the induction and the course is mostly run around the students. An Erasmus project is available, so the students can seek work-placements and study in another country from 2 to 12 months, which is very beneficial.

At 10:15 I walked upstairs for the BA (Hons) Fine Arts presentation, where the gathered parents and future uni students, and I met two of the tutors, Roy and Neill.

Basically we got to know about the first year. There are usually three to four modules in a year, up to Christmas, the first years already have five exhibitions, so it is rather fast paced. Also, the tutors and group critiques play an important part of the students life.

We were later given the tour of the facilities and let me tell you THIS! The studio space is like a LONG and BROAD corridor filled with walls and desks and people’s works and it is only the second or a third week of university. I mean ‘Come on!’, moreover the workshop space. There is a digital studio, a 3D studio, printmaking studio, wood work studio. Plus it’s not like they all will be cramped, since they are big and always open when there are the technicians. Each studio has two technicians that will provide the students with help.

So yeah, John Moores is one of my uni choices. If there is anyone who attended John Moores University, any insight of how it goes once you start your course will be helpful If you attended any other university in UK, I am asking for any comments about their universities experience.

Thanks and till next time. 😀