Rot Experiments 005 Hi guys! 😀

Just a small post today.

So it’s half-term, we are few days away from Halloween. Nice right? Good for kids at least.

I am spending my half-term break finishing up and wrapping up my first brief for art.

Since the second half of September our class was focused on our first brief, ‘Ex Voto’ that concentrates on two parts: The Great War (1914-1918) (Not so GREAT when I think about it) and another part, which is the theme of ‘Shena Simon Fallen Boys’.

The Fallen Boys Plaque in  Shena Simon Campus building.
The Fallen Boys Plaque in Shena Simon Campus building.

We chose two names from the plaque and researched the boys. Their families, career, hobbies, medals, etc.

Quite fun actually, but damn hard to find some of the names. Thanks for Really helpful.

On the Great War part, I decided to concentrate on medicine, steadily going into the direction of the trench foot.

Rot Experiments 003

So yeah, Let me finish my post with a sight of…

room 004    …wait,… what?!… is that?…room 006 Yeah, bare walls. My sister’s and mine room is undergoing a little change.

I wonder how it’ll look at the end, but let me tell you THIS…a wet wallpaper is the weirdest thing I had to clean up, ever. REALLY!

Right…moving on. I bought myself three new volumes of manga, volumes 7 and 8 of Bakuman,


and volume 7 of Attack on Titan.

When I got home and checked my manga bookshelves, I realised that I was supposed to buy volume 6 of Attack on Titan, therefore I will have to wait until the next time when I can get vol.6 until I read vol.7. Idiot.

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Well, that;s it for today. Goodnight. 😀