Halloween was yesterday and I am glad that it has ended. Not that many of kids knocked on our doors, but they did have nice costumes.

Anyway, today is the 1st of November and All Saint’s Day. If I would be in Poland I would be visiting the cemeteries to lay some flowers and candles (or are they called snitches?). Unfortunately this year saw my great grandmother’s death. Thankfully, she died peacefully.  It’s good to remember those that passed away, even if it’s once or twice a year.

Talking about All Saint’s Day. I love going to cemeteries at night, in the evening, when all the candles are lit, it creates a beautiful sight atmosphere.

On the other topic, our college brief is ending in the coming week, on the tenth of November. I can’t wait for this brief to finish. War topics are a bit sad, since so many people died. I have nearly finished my final piece, which is a print on a fabric. I have to stitch into it, as one of our units is Multi-Disciplinary. Here is a preparatory work into the final piece.

Preparation for my final piece by sen22

This is my print. As a test I did it on a piece of shiny paper to reflect on posters a bit.

So yeah. See ya next time!