Do you know what that means? It is only a month left till Christmas!

I cannot wait. My family will probably have a Christmas Eve dinner with our uncles and there will be a Skype talking with my family back in Poland. So excited. Hmm, the only thing that might be missing is the snow. It should be white Christmas, but in this part of England it is a very rare sight. Shame. -.-

Althought Christmas is now widely celebrated it is a Catholic (Christian) celebration of the birth of Jesus (from what I was taught it actually took place in March. Is that right?)

In Poland on the day of 6th December we celebrate the St. Nicolas Day. It is in memory of Nicolas from Mira, a bishop who gave presents and money to  the poorer. He died on the 6th of December. I remember when in primary school we were given presents and sand carols. It was a day of leisure.

Nicolas from Mira

Juste pratiquer de nouvelles compétences.
Noël est proche et je ne peux pas attendre pour eux. Je prévois de me acheter un nouveau livre si je parviens à économiser assez d’argent et certaines ressources d’apprentissage du français.
Mais avant qu’il ne soit Eva de Noël, il est le 6 Décembre, jour de la Saint Nicolas. Me demande si nous allons avoir un Secret Santa cette année au collège.
Ce est tout pour de nouvelles compétences

Well, that’s it. Just a casual post.

Christmas Scane In Snowy Mountains Wallpaper