This is something that I wrote and I promise to write up a proper post in few days.

When you look upon the sky,
You see the endless carpet wide.
The darkness, way out of your reach
And it’s filled with thousands lights.
They hold your eyes and smile inside
With them your fears and hopes that guide.
For once one fell, you send your pray
To make it true at least for now.
You wait and dream
To get one gleam
Of what’s the future scheme.
You close your eyes
As your word flies
Into those wide endless skies.
For you believe
You may still weave
The next time that you’ll breathe
Without the pressure gripping your sleeve.
You are your own,
To know to grow,
To  be yourself when you glow
As the author of this show.
So don’t believe whatever they say,
You have your dreams-You’ll have your way.
Be strong. Be proud.
Be wise. Be loved.
No matter what, do not give up.
Jump high and reach the stars.

Whenever you fell down and want to give up, remember those words.  ~’Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’ by Thomas A Edison

Always try to reach your dreams.