It is Sunday and I am starting to get a cold. Protect yourself people from the cold, especially you who live in USA and Canada. The snow storms there are awful, although I like the thought of white Christmas.

College update.

We have finished the previous brief and already moved on to new one: The Northern Exposure– I think I’ll relate it to the northern parts of Manchester or I’ll try to link t with the northern parts of the world, it would be wonderful to visit Montreal and do photos that would relate to the brief and the atmosphere of Manchester. I don’t know, I have at least two days, maybe three to think on it.

I have nearly finished my personal statement for the UCAS application to university. Currently I am waiting for my tutor’s approval of the 6th version. I have chosen the universities and while I had briefly thought about applying to Tokyo University and University de Montreal it doesn’t have the courses for me and it’s a bit too far for me.

On another note. My friend recommended me a website to learn languages. I am currently using it to learn french and it is nice, although I wish to have more stable lessons with a teacher.

Well I’ll leave now. See ya!