Sherlocks Home

We’ve already taken a look at some juicy tidbits about Series One and Twoand so, in the spirit of completion, this month we’re serving up 10 more fascinating behind-the-scenes facts about Series Three.

1. How to Fake a Death

To make sure that Sherlock’s faked death was as believable as possible, the production team hired an ‘expert’ on the matter to consult them on what was the best way to go about it. Certain things this expert helped them with include the exact size of the mattress Sherlock would need to fall on after his jump off the hospital roof.

2. Martin’s Moustache

Martin Freeman really hated the fake moustache he had to wear in The Empty Hearse. “But I’m a sex symbol,” Mark Gatiss remembers Freeman jokingly lamenting. Hopefully, Martin and the moustache he is wearing in the upcoming Victorian-set specialgot on better…


3. Mrs Hudson, Private…

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