Just a little something that I have written a long time ago and just found it on my page.

Curling up in a tight ball,
I pray to God to survive the fall.
While everyone get’s ready for the party,
You start complaining about me playing the martyr.
I have the advantage of owning a mask.
A perfect disguise, that hides me from the task.

Have you ever noticed the screams and the tears?
Maybe the scars that my body bears?
They’re on my arms…my back…my tights and soul.
Did you never notice the way that I stroll?
As if all the world’s burden was placed on my shoulders.
You think this is normal. That it may be a play.

I have you fooled and everybody else.
That I am cheerful and always at best.
There is a secret that I keep inside.
Of a monster that you never see.
It’s called Depression, Anxiety and Fear.
He is of many names, forms, shapes. The creep.

Well it’s too late now, to help and to aid.
You have had your chance but you blew it away.
I guess this is my way of saying goodbye.
It’s waiting for me. The coffin. The sky.
All there was to do was to smile and to talk.
Seems that it would be coming across as shock,
but… you have never asked.
Instead you complained about the burden I am.

Here goes the truth:
You’ve never been my friend.