Is there such a thing as a criminal offense for not updating a blog? o.O Just curious…


Here is a little something that I have been up to.

During the last days of July, I have been able to help my university colleagues in painting a mural at a local junior (primary) school. The team and the school’s teachers have decided that they will be using spray paints, as the limited budget would allow for more spray paint to be bought. The design was partially created by the children from the school. It is a mixture between cosmos, space and under the sea shapes and forms. The photographs below show some of the work that was done on two days. The more recent photographs wont be done until September, however the mural is nearly complete.


On the other hand, here is a little lino print work that I have done for the summer project. This design pattern was inspired by the Japanese kimono from early 18th century in relation the the work I am doing for the Gulliver’s Travels.


And at the end:

Here is something different.

From left to right:

  1. A tattoo design that I have been working on for my sister. I need to do a photograph of the final design. Please do not use this design without my permission.
  2. A big frog toy trial that I have done, based on a Pinterest pin that I wanted to try.
  3. . A smaller version of the frog toy for my little nephew.


Okay, that’s it for today.