I won’t bother with apologies today, because I think we all should get used to the long breaks in between my posts. No matter how hard I try to write regularly, it just doesn’t seem to work.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was in Manchester with my sister and her friends from Poland, who were visiting us for a week.

During the trip to Manchester we went to see the Manchester Museum (you can read about it here) and to the Manchester Town Hall.

While I did write before about the Manchester Town Hall, the images from my gallery where wiped out, so I will be posting the images that I have taken on the most recent visit.

Manchester Town Hall was designed by Alfred Waterhouse and completed in 1877.

It is one of the examples of Noe-Gothic architecture in United Kingdom.

Study of a shield by sen22
The shield located on the ceiling in the entrance to the Hall.


Image result
Entrance to the Great Hall- Source

One of the ceremonial rooms, the Great Hall is decorated with murals by Ford Maddox Brown, illustrating the city’s history.

Image result
The Great Hall depicts the town’s history on it’s murals. (Source: wikipedia)

The mosaic floor (the use of mosaics was brought over from the Romans, it is believed that British culture was born from the Romans influence), throughout the Town Hall is showing bees. Manchester is full of ‘bees’, at least it’s representation. They are on the bins, side walks, buildings, lamp posts etc., because this city was the focus of the industry in Great Britain.It was called Cottonpolis, as cotton was the main means of the income.

A little bit more about that can be read on Manchester Storm’s website (right here). Their 2016/17 season’s jerseys have a little Manchester bee on the front neck insert, in order to reference back to the city’s working bees nature and it’s relation to the Storm’s hockey players who are just like those bees. Manchester was thriving, getting more wealthy and therefore needed a bigger town hall. Thus, a competition was announced for a project. Waterhouse won and it’s his design that we can now admire.

Image result
Town Hall’s plans by Waterhouse
Image result
A cross section of the Town Hall’s plan by Waterhouse
Image result for manchester town hall great hall
Early 20th Century-Source


The floor in the Sculpture Hall is covered with mosaic patterns, showing the rose of Lancashire.


Here are some photographs that I took that day:


The fountain located in the Albert Square, where the main entrance to the Town Hall is.


The Link bridge
From the lower perspective
At the steps of the Prince Albert Statue, overlooking the main entrance.
Loving the architecture of the Town Hall.


So here it is. Hope that this post gets me back into your good graces. (hehe, right?)

I also hope that this post will help you in making a decision about visiting Manchester. Even if just to visit this building.

A word of advice though, check the Manchester City Council’s website. There are some refurbishing going on around, since nearly 40% of the building is in a state of despair. You never know, when they will close it, so check it for the availability of touring the inside.