Intro: Okay, I believe that his post is way long overdue. As an apology I will publish three posts that I should have written during the past month.


The first brief of my second year Illustration course was focusing on collaboration.

Working with second year graphic design students, we were divided into groups of three and four.

My group, called the ”Badman Crew” (not my idea, I just went along with it), consisted of me, J and R. R was the graphics guy in our group.

The topic of the project was Fiction and Reality. The aim was to make something that would border on the thin line between being fiction and reality. It was to engage and provide a deeper meaning, interest and create a sense of mystery and suspension.

The ”Badman Crew” decided to work on the sense of fiction that the media sells us and the reality of what the media shows the public through their rosy colored glasses.

We went through a view complicated brain storms to separate 3 main ideas of technology, student life and terrorism, but during our feedback time and by discussing it further, we chose to focus on the broader idea of world issues regarding racism, terrorism, violence etc.


 We planned and experimented until we chose to produce a globe like object that would have an iPad attached to it on the inside, to play our animation or a GIF in relation to the dealing subject.

By doing this we wanted to show that people are attracted by something that appears nice and attractive (fiction) but on the inside it is disgusting, uncomfortable, repelling (reality).


 We developed our idea and created a big version of the globe out of paper mâché over a giant inflatable football.


Above – Prototype

Below – Final Work

The slot in the middle was cut open, as during our development process we realised that we won’t be able to securely attach the iPad or even a phone to the inside surface of our globe. Therefore the slot was open in order to accommodate a Mac screen, where we could display our GIF animation.

J and I were responsible for images that will be mashed up into the GIF. Unfortunately our communication and attendance of one of us was an issue and in the end not all of the images planned were created. We went with what we had.

R took care of producing the GIF using Photoshop.

And here is the final animation/GIF. (Unfortunately you can watch it only if you follw up the link and get to the bottom of the post.) 😦


R. took care of designing posters as well.

In the end we also had to create and display a presentation to the two classes, in which we talked about the process, troubles and benefits associated with collaborating and how did that affect our work, as well as what our project was about.

Okay, so that’s it for the first post.