Hmm, I am not sure if this could be called a project. It’s one drawing on which I am now working in between research and my work for the Polish school, where I volunteer.

I became interested in a show called Pushing Daisies, created by Bryan Fuller (the creator of Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me).

This quirky series follows Ned (Lee Pace, Wonderfalls), a young man with a very special gift. As a boy, Ned discovered that he could return the dead briefly back to life with just one touch.
But now as a pie maker, Ned puts his ability to good use, not only touching dead fruit and making it ripe with everlasting flavour, but working with a private investigator to crack murder cases by raising the dead and getting them to name their killers. (I got into this because of Fuller’s Hannibal).
It gets complicated, when Ned brings his childhood sweetheart (Anna Friel, Goal), Chuck, back from the dead and unfortunately keeps her alive. Chuck becomes the third partner in Ned and Emerson’s private-investigation enterprise, encouraging them to use Ned’s skills for good, not just for profit. Life would be perfect for Ned and Chuck, except for one cruel twist: if he ever touches her again, she’ll go back to being dead, this time for good. (Description )

That led me to being interested in the main character’s actor, Lee Grinner Pace.
Anyway, it ended up with me drawing that actor.
Here’s my drawing process so far:

I will try to add some more quality photos later on, however I am currently working at night, due to my cold, my day routine got turned around, so my time of working is 2am-6am.

Hopefully, the drawing will turn out pretty good.