Marianna Sztyma was born in Poland, she is a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland.

She created a number of editorial illustrations for magazines such as: Twoj Styl; Press; Newsweek; Wysokie Obcasy; Zwierciadla; Elle; Wprost; as well as many illustrations for children’s books.

Sztyma  utilises mixed media, particularly collage, painting, crayons, as well as digital manipulations.
 I think that her paintings are more about herself and expressing her whole being, while her illustrations are more of a primary way of working.
Her works are surreal and playful, with a palette of bright and balanced colours.
I have chosen one work of hers that I wish I’d done.
It is an illustration for a children’s book- Mr. Pantalon’s Umbrella
This is the illustration (below)
What I enjoy in this illustration is the composition of the spread, as well as the use of the mixed media.
 The use of primary colours for the main characters helps them stand out to a child, furthermore the spread allows for space to breathe, therefore the young reader is not overwhelmed by the action and objects within the illustration.
 I think what I would like to take away from this piece into my own works is the use of media such as crayons and pastels, as these are usually associated with kids, children’s art. I think that by using these primary media of the young reader, we as the illustrators are moving closer to the reader, as well as we are going back to our own childhood, which may help us in creating child friendly illustrations.
You can visit Sztyma’s works on her Facebook page.