The  past week and a half have been a great time off. I was finally able to distress myself and enjoy reading again. 🙂

 I don’t usually use my half term breaks to rest, as there is always something to do, but I think I needed it so much, particularly since my last break in February, there was a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.

While I find working under pressure a necessity and a motivational atmosphere, it is also nervewracking. Everyone needs some time off.
I have spent the last week on catching up with my reading lists and watching some of the series that I have been missing out on.

However, during this week I have decided to get back into my work mode and use my time off in an efficient way to get ahead, especially with the next three weeks being the last ones of my second year, therefore I need to get ahead and make sure that I am ready to finish the project as I want to.

Here are some sneak peaks into what I have been working on. I find collage much more relaxing now and watercolours work well with the more solid blocks of colour.

A great help during this project was this book:

The illustrations by Marianna Oklejniak made me aware of certain parts of my own culture that I have straight of discarded from my project, which I’ve decided were interesting and flexible enough to use in my own project.

I am certain that I will be able to print this whole book before June. I just need to ensure that I deliver what I say I will and it’s quality. 🙂