This week I am back to working in the uni studio. Great help, since I do not have the software I need at home.

I have focused on bringing together my pieces of collage and building up the spreads.
Here are some sneak up images:

I have added a different audience piece to a theater collage than I have initially planned on but it looked a little bit too basic. I’ve also asked around for some feedback on my work and there are some little changes and tweaks that I will need to do next week. Mostly it is to do with shadow and re-positioning few parts of the images.

There are only two more weeks until the final deadline and so much work to do.
We have held portfolio reviews today, where I’ve received a little bit of advice to rearrange and take out some of the works from my portfolio as they didn’t show my abilities and the quality of my works.
Eh. Sometimes it feels like too much stress, but in the end the effort is definitely worth it.