Illustrator's Life


Bio: Hi! I’m a 21-year old Illustration student.I have just started my second year of university. You can find posts that focus just on that on my second blog. Kesja Corvus Illustration

The aim of this blog is to record my day to day life and the casual happening, while the other blog (above) is purely for my research and professional work from university.

I am a fan of Harry Potter, BBC Sherlock, manga and anime. I currently live in UK, but I wish to travels to other countries. Strawberries are my favorite fruits. Most of the time you’ll find me reading a book/manga or drawing.

Visiting galleries and drawing on the spot is my hobby.

My first language is Polish, but I speak in English when outside of home. I am teaching myself French.

My favorite season is winter, as I love the feeling of cold wind and snow. I like observing people, though I can never deduce them like Sherlock Holmes does.

If you want to browse through my art you can click on the link to my deviantART profile- and search through it. If you want to know my interests or if you share them you can search my and/or collections.




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